Limited to 12 students each, these single-session workshops will focus entirely on my sidecoaching techniques featured on the Improv Nerd podcast, headlining the Denver Improv Festival, the New York City Improv Festival, and of course, the regular show at The People's Improv Theater in New York City. This workshop is a 20-minute warmup followed by non-stop improvisation, sidecoached throughout. After a 25-40 minute set, there will be a brief discussion, and then we will go straight in to the next set. Any ancillary exercises will occur within the performative set, as in the SIDECOACH show. By nature of the form, the Sidecoach workshops are open to all skill levels beyond entry. Any improv experience will do, but this should not be your first improv class or workshop.

The sidecoaching is built to relieve the improviser of the need/want to create scene, plot, or story. I focus on coaching the performers to stick to staying present and noticing offers as they come, and then gently point out all the storytelling work they are doing subconsciously. It alleviates performance pressure and shows the performer how many sophisticated narrative and character choices they are already making. As with all of my workshops, the baseline premise of the work is that the best improvisation happens without the performers doing any conscious work at all beyond discovery.

February, 2/25 - 3 hours (1pm-4pm): $40