That Kind of Guy is a short solo piece by Josephine Maya Simple, from their show, Mind Body Drop Away, which I directed for the Exponential Festival in 2018. I worked with Alex Coulombe of Agile Lens and Shaw Walters of Tin Drum to capture the piece in both volcap and mocap and develop it for the Magic Leap headset. It is commonly set upon an empty table (as seen in most of these pictures), but the piece can display anywhere. A small amount of interactions are available to the audience member, including headtracking toggle, cycling through avatars for the performer, opening/closing doors for the performer, and a secret hidden door that activates a life-sized performer avatar appearing behind the audience member. It’s a fun little startle.

We have not captured a full demo yet, so I’ve included a couple of short clips from inside the headset, and pictures of audience members enjoying the piece at TCG2019, where it premiered, and the Miami VR Expo. We did all capturing in one day, plus one ADR+facial depth capture session with a total budget of about $300. Initially intended as a volcap/mocap demo, That Kind of Guy has shown to be a great proof of concept that the ideals of downtown/lo-fi theater can be applied to spatial computing projects.